Growing Up Knowing

engages young people and their families in real
conversations about sexual health.

Our Mission

Promote healthy life decisions through family education and community partnerships.

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Growing Up Knowing's Story:

Did you know…

  • teens say that PARENTS (not their peers) most influence their decisions about sex, love and relationships?

  • Mississippi has the fourth highest teen birth rate in the nation?

  • this high rate of teen pregnancy impacts taxpayers by increasing costs for foster care, social services and incarceration for young people born to teen parents?

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“My parent and I now have an emergency code to rescue me from a risky situation.”

“I learned how to respond to my kids about peer pressure, sex and human anatomy.”

“I learned how to have open and honest conversations with my parents.”

“Communication is a big factor…, but this has definitely made my children more open and comfortable knowing I’m here to listen and help!”

“I learned that if I get high or drunk that will affect me in all the decisions I make, including sex.”

“I liked learning from the other parents and students – their input helped me relate better to my child.”