Growing Up Knowing

engages young people and their families in real
conversations about sexual health and staying safe.

Our Mission

Promote healthy life decisions through family education and community partnerships.

Growing Up Knowing is the recipient of a three year Hardin Foundation grant!

Do you want to learn how to facilitate Growing Up Knowing’s signature programs? We are accepting applications for contract facilitators through January 25, 2019. Apply here and view the job description and requirements here.

Growing Up Knowing's Story:

Did you know…

  • Teens say that PARENTS (not their peers) most influence their decisions about sex, love, and relationships?

  • Eleven out of 1,000 children in Mississippi were victims
    of child abuse in 2014?

  • Abused children are less likely to practice safe sex, putting them at greater risk for STIs?

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“My parent and I now have an emergency code to rescue me from a risky situation.”

“I learned how to respond to my kids about peer pressure, sex and human anatomy.”

“I enjoyed the ‘bluntness’ when talking to the students. There was no sugar-coating the topic.”

“I liked being able to work with my child to let her develop her boundaries.”

“I learned that if I get high or drunk that will affect me in all the decisions I make, including sex.”

“I liked learning from the other parents and students – their input helped me relate better to my child.”